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favour software development

My personality is optimistic, cheerful, confident I can maintain the best moments of passionate work to meet every challenge! Sincerely hope that your company gave me an opportunity to join your team together to fight!☆ ① 4.5 years, the world's largest foundry company in the connector assembly on-site management and IE engineer, both with strong management skills and know how to produce professional applications necessary knowledge and practical experience.
☆ ② familiar with the product in production before the necessary preparatory work, such as product structure, assembly man-hours assessment, line body, human, governance tools, and capacity planning, work station row with the material confirmation; in the manufacturing process of continuous improvement and exception handling . It is to achieve increase productivity, ensure quality and meet customer delivery work.
☆ ③ English listening, speaking, reading and writing proficiency, CET-4.
☆ ④ have strong communication, organizational and interpersonal coordination, team spirit and sense of cooperation.Plan a Wedding Ceremony
☆ ⑤ active, there is a strong executive power, a sense of responsibility, the overall situation.
☆ ⑥ have a healthy body and spirit are not afraid of hardship.Has eleven years of Internet / e-MBA work experience and professional knowledge, so I am on the Internet / e-commerce advantages, value, applications
, risks and trends, business models, organizational structure, site operations, supply chain, IT technology,polo Ralph Lauren marketing, promotion, pay, logistics, online and offline brand integration, unity and interaction has a profound knowledge and rich practical operating experience. Also accumulated a wealth of Internet / e-commerce industry resources and contacts.
Four-year management and shop floor work experience gives me solid dosage forms, capsules and liquid injection production technology and processes have a clear understanding of the laws and regulations are familiar with drugs, familiar with pharmaceutical production deviation, change, poor reaction reports and complaints processes. Honest and trustworthy, practical seriously, failing to calmTakes on Wedding Cakes, good at analyzing and solving problems, have better communication skills and team spirit.Have strong English communication skills, writing skills, coordination, communication skills, ability to execute. Act low-key man. Learn, hard-working.1. be good at logical, e.gPolo Lacoste . is able to fullfil all surfaces of magic cube within two minutes with self-studying method.
2. favour software development.
a. developped I-Go game by QBasic and Turbo-C 15 years ago.
b. use VC/VB6,,
python, Java, Labview, Teststand many years.
c. Always use Ubuntu linux in office and home except doing windows software development.
3. Has the strong self-studying capabilty, is able to night work for finding the solution quickly.

familiar with electrical appliances

I am with people. Friends and family, and worked towards the employer or the company had a sincere, in their time of need, I always left room for help and do not offer advice. Subject to management, teamwork, and courage to recommend a group of reasonable suggestions or comments.
I majored in English. Central South University has been made this year's upcoming college diploma and bachelor's degrees granted, or obtained through the Higher Self will receive. A period of nearly five years of work-study path of self-examination, not only hone my character, and gave me a solid professional knowledge, rich experience and social experience.
3 years work experience foreign teachers assistant and translator. 09.01 - 12.1 I worked in an educational group Shaoyang City, Hunan Province, the main assistant and translator in this post. From this, I formed a reasonable manner, the interests of the group center, friendly style of dealing with foreigners. 3 years of work experience so I am now capable of performing a certain degree of difficulty of translation and interpretation, familiar with the appropriate foreign (involving foreign teachers in China's visa and residence) policy. Secondly, I also served as English teacher training course, and get students to love, Choosing Flowers for Your Wedding parents trust. Many students in the municipal or provincial English style game show, to obtain success.I am a mature character and open character

who love to make friends, work will be handled objectively the relationship between customers and colleagues will carefully obey their superiors to the arrangement. Have a good standard of English, and have some experience in foreign tradeI am hard working, Polo Lacoste able to work in a different culture and background of the excellent staff work, determination to succeed, strong sense of responsibility, positive attitude, no one can under the supervision of independent work hardI am 10 years in Sh
enzhen, the field has been focused on testing the product, such as: 1. Stationery, photo frames, photo albums, class 2: Lighting (such as table lamps, floor lamps, chandeliers, table lamps, etc.) 3: home appliances (beauty instrument, hair dryer, fan , fruit juice machine, air conditioning, coffee machine, fryer, electric skillet, pancake machine, in addition to / humidifier 4: furniture: sofas and solid wood furniture, 5: grocery products, such as nylon leather products, natural woven material, and vehicles Every product, bags, toys, etc. 6: Hardware: alloy jewelry, valves, butterfly valves, ball valves stainless steel cutlery and other kitchen supplies, glass, ceramics / test, will use high-pressure measuring instrument, device electrical parameters, resistance meter, caliper, altimeter and other inspection and testing equipment 1. more familiar with the IEC60335-1 / IEC60335-2-9/13/14/15/60598 and UL153/1026/1083/1082/982/1598/Decorating Your Reception TableEN581/BS4875 / cloth four sub-system of inspection and safety standards; 3 toys EN71, ASTM-F963, EN50088, ROHS4: GS / UL product certification; 5; familiar ISO17020/9001/14001/SA8000/TS16949 management system; the internal audit certificate 6. familiar with electrical appliancespolo Ralph Lauren injection molding, die casting, polishing, printing, sewing, http://forums.familytreedna.complating, painting, wooden, and other production processes in the factory audit and inspection .7 (way with line and final inspection), and testing has accumulated abundant experience , with good coordination and learning ability

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Work cross-functionally and build consensus across the organization to achieve defined goals
Self-motivated, multi-tasker who works independently but within team structure
Exceptional skills of Training & Supervising Team member
Logical thinking & Solution-aimed Analyzingcheap authentic nfl jerseys
Excellent communication skillsStrong mechanical engineering background;
- Almost 5 years working experience in multi-national company;
- Flexible and enthusiastic;jerseys monster
- Hard working, open-minded, creative, nature communicator and win-win driver;
- Trained for leadership and comunication programcheap nfl jerseys
- Toastmaster International Club membernike trainer,Good presentation skills and comprehensive in English;nike shox
- Self-motivtedJust have a little faithTake my handput all this behind us

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Legendary Asteroids record smashed

One of gaming's oldest records was just blown up. And it wasn't an easy shot.
After a grueling 58 hours of continuous play, John McAllister of Seattle, Washington officially became the best Asteroids player on the planet by scoring an unthinkable 41,338,740 points in the classic 1979 coin-op arcade game. The previous mark of 41,336,440 was set by Scott Safran back in 1982 -- the longest standing record in gaming -- and was considered virtually unbreakable. software life
"It's basically considered a Holy Grail," he told Portland TV station KGW. "It was a title that a lot of people would want, and I wanted it." your best friend
McAllister also holds the world record for the lesser known sequel Asteroids Deluxe, a mark he set in 2009. Before he's inducted into the where are you?record books, however, his efforts will have to pass the strict submission guidelines of official game scorekeepers, Twin Galaxies.
It's been a rough year for video little girlgame records. In March, a plastic surgeon toppled the all-time Donkey Kong mark, while back in January, a Connecticut man hopped his way to the new high score in Frogger.Under lunch is banananormal circumstances, role-playing game Warhammer Online charges its players $14.99 per month, billed directly to their bank accounts.For an unknown but significant number of players, however, April isn't turning out to be a normal month. A bug in the billing system has caused sme customers to be charged as many as 22 times for a single month of access: a $300 overcharge.Blog The Consumerist reports the charges will be reversed in the next few days, according to an EA rep -- and notes, with tongue planted firmly in cheek, that EA is apparently taking the situation "very seriously."
We're sure that makes the affected individuals feel much better. Unless, that is, they've incurred overdraft fees from their banks, been late on their bills, or wasted hours on the phone with their credit card companies.
It's not the first time billing for online RPGs has gone awry, either. Our advice: any time you allow a third-party to bill your bank account directly, you're exposing yourself to this sort of problem. Avoid it by buying multiple months at a time (which'll usually save you a few bucks) or, safer still, by using the pre-paid game cards you'll find cropping up at an increasing number of retailers: everywhere from game stores to gas stations.
Have you been overcharged by an online game? Tell us your story in the comments.

New Facebook Tetris game

It's the most successful portable game ever made. It's appeared on countless electronic platforms over the years, selling over 100 million copies on cellphones alone. Now it's coming to Facebook, and you can get your face in it. Impossible made possible
The Human Tetris Project, a joint venture between publisher EA Mobile and Tetris rights-holders The Tetris Company, will use fan-submitted pictures to make its playing pieces. It'll shake up the game's traditional formulawe are the leader in our life, too: if you can arrange pictures of your friends together, they'll disappear. Sadly, your picture can only appear on one of the four square blocks that make up It's just some guy I work witheach of the game's seven famous playing pieces. So there's no point in taking pictures of you contorting yourself into one of its iconic shapes, a la Human Tetris. You're angry. You're hurting.A shame, perhaps, but your chiropractor will be thankful. The game is accepting picture submissions right here, and you should be able to play the game itself starting on Friday. Honestly, it's worth a try just for the bouncy remix of the classic Tetris theme. This is one Facebook game that won't make you want to immediately turn off your speakers.
Infinity Ward is the studio behind last fall's record-breaking release, "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2," and other games. "Modern Warfare 2" was No. 1 last year and has become one of the best-selling video games of all time.
The breach of contract suit claims West and Zampella held up development on other "Call of Duty" games to try to gain more money. The company is seeking to withhold additional payments to the men, who they claim also kept bonuses from Infinity Ward employees.
The men "morphed from valued, responsible executives into insubordinate and self-serving schemers who attempted to hijack Activision's assets for their own personal gain and whose actions threatened both the future of the Call of Duty franchise and future of Activision's (Infinity Ward) studio," the complaint states.The lawsuit alleges the bonuses were withheld in an attempt to try to leverage other key employees to leave Santa Monica-based Activision.Robert M. Schwartz, an attorney who represents West and Zampella, did not immediately return a phone message seeking comment Friday.The filing does not state by name which rival West and Zampella are accused of meeting with, but states they were flown by the rival to Northern California. Gaming giant Electronic Arts, which is Activision's main rival and produces the competitor franchise "Medal of Honor," is based in Northern California.The cases are filed in Santa Monica, where Activision is based. The company is majority owned by

Responsibilities and Achievements

Provide recruiting services in areachi ceramic flat iron Greater China with quality and speed tochi ceramic flat iron support the growing business; Work along with the local office and assist international recruiting projects within A/P region, including in Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, India and Korea. blog wedding dresses 2010
* Interface with HR-FO headquarters in Hamburg and coordinate with some blog wedding dresses 2010international talent projects andcheap polo shirts keep effective with Persis E-recruiting tools.* Manage and optimize the recruitment channels, such as job fairs, newspapers, internet, internal recommendation and search firms to maximize recruiting efficiency.* Screen resumes and conduct interviews, provide recruiting analysis report accordinglycheap polo shirts

* Follow up with the standard on-board process, i.e. offer letter, pre-employment medical check, personal file transfer, etc.* Coordination and implementation internal and external training programs; tracking and monitoring of training activities* Provide assistant to regional HR head to facilitate best practice in assigned tasks and projects. Report to:KA Director, GM of Shanghai; * As a key member of KA project team to provide recruiting and HR related support. Work closely with Sales team to evaluate, clarify Clients’ recruiting requests , provide solution relatively;
*Work closely with Clients’ HR team to coordinate, implement and evaluate the recruiting projects, work as the temper HR in clients’ hiring team if necessary;* To lead and drive the whole recruiting project process for the supported function including but not limited on resumes screening, candidates interview, offer proposal etc* Closely monitor the hiring progress and able to complete the hiring target. Join the team to work on various hiring project◆ Successfully launched “China’s Top Employers 2007 Shanghai Region” program with partners, published the same-named bilingual book worldwide;◆ Liaise with “Win in China” CCTV program team both for project promotion executive as well as the interview officer of expert panel member of East China;◆ Worked closely with DSM (China),ABN AMRO Bank,Shanghai Volkswagen HR teams as a HR consultant to provide solution on recruiting and work along with them as a recruiter ; * Take care of all matters related to talent selection and movement both for headquarter and BU. Ensures headquarter standard performance management systems are utilized.* Works very closely with BU HR team to ensure HR operation nation-wide. Be in charge of general HRM functions in recruitment, sourcing, training and communication company-wide; * Be responsible for company communication and employees relationship, Help employees to set up their career goals and carry out the career-plan communication. Effectively create an environment that mobilizes empowered people to achieve business objectives.* Establish and optimize training system, delivery, coordinate and facilitate the training courses. Responsible for developing internal trainers. Conduct orientation and policy explanation◆ Won the title of “Excellent Employee of 2004” in Haoban Consumer Electronics, 2004 .


Report To: Customer Care Leadernike running shoes (PRC/HK), located in HKSubordination: 2 Supply Chain Re-engineering Projects Summary:nike running shoes
Re-engineered trading entity business license and DC functions in SH FTZ, evaluated and optimized Oversea-China supply chain operation. ed hardy shirtsed hardy shirts
***Import/Export Trade and Customs Compliance: - Evaluated China importers, and enabled import/export trade, Foreign Exchange Payment & Verification and VAT issuance functions for the new business entity; Finished product pre-classification for 5 product lines, totally 3000 products. ed hardy clothesed hardy clothes
- Defined FTZ import & export process, FTZ transfer import process and FTZ warranty returning process, reduced import cycle time from 15 work days to 7.- Transferred FTZ import & export mode to gateway direct import & export mode, effectively reduced import cycle time from 7 work days to 3, with 30% cost saving per shpt.***DC Function Setup and Supervision: - Evaluated 3PL vendors and negotiated price for both bonded and non-bonded warehouses; Setup 3PL SOP for inbound & outbound operation in terms of various trading modes.- Worked cross-functionally to define and supervised order fulfilment process, wrong-shpt claims process, RMA processes and logistics cost allocation rules- Responsible for quarterly logistics cost review meeting and LSP (logistic service provider) performance review, as well as LSP price negotiations for annual contract and spot buy.***Shipping Network Optimization: - Evaluated freight forwarder operation and negotiated freight matrix negotiation for North American lanes, European lanes and Asian lanes, reduce freight cost by 28%.- Continuously optimized shipping network and reduced freight cost by setting overseas consolidaion centre and weekly shipment. - Six Sigma GB project - WTC Outbound Shpt Management (team leader); Awarded 05 Quest for Excellence prize (1 project was nominated per SBU in Great China) Achievement: reduced yearly domestic transportation cost by 1.31% as of COGS; and also reduced outbound cycle time by 2 days. Report To: Logistics & Purchase Manager (Great China)- Arranged production schedule based on the demand from customer and supervised production and material status; handled oversea and local buying activities and sales order delivery. - Updated and maintained item master file and supplier master file in ERP system (Scala).
- Inventory reduction project (key implementer): improved purchasing strategy by implemnting ABC analysis and adjusting re-order method; analysis excess stock and promoted company awarding scheme; Achievement: The project finally reduced inventory value by RMB 2, 000M in one year